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 IG/DA VS Nids

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PostSubject: IG/DA VS Nids   Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:31 pm

Had a battle yesterday versus an extremely competent Tyranids player, running the traditional good stuff from the Nids codex. It is worth mentioning I did not tailor my list, I wrote up an all-comers and was looking for anyone to playtest it against.

My List: 2000pts
(145) Co Command: 4x MG, Chimera (ML/HB)
(170) Vets: 3x PG, Chimera (ML/HF)
(170) Vets: 3x PG, Chimera (ML/HF)
(170) Vets: 3x PG, Chimera (ML/HF)
(105) Plt Command: 4x Flamer, Chimera (ML/HF)
(50) IG Squad
(50) IG Squad
(50) IG Squad
(50) IG Squad
(140) Vendetta: HBs
(140) Vendetta: HBs
(270) Punisher Leman Russ: HBs, Stubber, Pask
(100) DA Librarian: Mastery2 (Received Prescience and Forewarning)
(90) DA Tacticals: LC
(300) 5 Land Speeders: Dual HB on all

His List: 2000pts
(280) Swarmlord: (Received Iron Arm, Enfeeble, Leech Life, Haemorrhage)
(180) 3 Tyrant Guard
(130) Doom in SporePod
(150) 3 Hive Guard
(150) 3 Hive Guard
(195) Tervigon: AdrenalGlands, ToxinSacs (Received Iron Arm, Haemorrhage)
(195) Tervigon: AdrenalGlands, ToxinSacs (Received Life Leech, Haemorrhage)
(50) 10 Gants
(50) 10 Gants
(90) 15 Gargoyles
(90) 15 Gargoyles
(240) Trygon Prime
(200) Trygon

Game was Emperor's Will on Vanguard Strike deployment. Both our objectives went into the deep corner pockets of course. He chose to go first, deployed centrally with only Trygons and Doom in Reserve. I reserve all 5 Chimeras and put 10 men into a Vendetta (leaving Blob at only 30 men-- ok since I'll have 4++). Then I deployed as far right as possible to inflict an oblique angle onto his approach where he will have to attack in echelon rather than general frontal attack.
Turn 1, he runs at me no shooting (deployed out of range).
My blob moves forward to form large deep-strike screen all around Pask+Speeders. I get First Blood via dakka the nearest Gargoyle unit, and also kill off 2 Hive Guard.
Turn2, only 1 Trygon arrives (even with his 2+). IG Blob overwatch prevents a Gant charge, but surviving Gargoyle unit charges them. Low casualties taken.
1 Vendetta and 2 Vets arrive. Pask receives Prescience, deals 17 wounds to Trygon and it fails 7 saves. Speeders use 30 shots to deal 3 wounds on Swarmlord+Guard, Vendetta deals 2 wounds to a Tervigon.
Turn 3, Doom and TrygonPrime arrive. Both Tervigons Peril their casts. Everything keeps pushing closer, Doom's ability kills 1 IG (thanks 4++) and Gants join the blob melee. Light casualties both sides.
All remaining reserves arrive. Prescience and Forewarning blocked by SitW. Pask deals 16 wounds to Trygon Prime, it fails 6 saves. Vendetta hovers and lascannons the Doom, dead. Speeders use 30 shots against Swarmlord+Guard, fails 7 saves. Other Vendetta lascannons the Swarmlord's last wound. Chimeras' multilasers and Tacs' LC deal the last three wounds to the hurt Tervigon.
The opponent and I both call the game at this point. He has 1 Tervigon, 3 Hive Guard, and miscellaneous Gants remaining... and I have only lost about 15-20 guardsmen.

All in all, he had a really bad spat of luck for his Turn2 reserves rolls which I feel cost him the game--- but none of the general dice were horrifically hitting high or low, not noticeably.
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PostSubject: Re: IG/DA VS Nids   Fri Mar 22, 2013 2:28 am

Ναι γιατί αν είχαν έρθει τα reserves του θα σε κέρδιζε με αυτή τη "φιλική" λίστα που κατέβασες Razz
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PostSubject: Re: IG/DA VS Nids   Fri Mar 22, 2013 2:29 am

I like your list bro! The only change i would make is drop the punisher as it is a very expensive, crappy tank, and take a manticore or two griffons and a 3rd detta.
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PostSubject: Re: IG/DA VS Nids   

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